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Bhima: The Man in Shadows by Vikas Singh


The Grand story of Mahabharata has a surplus of personalities, each with a story of its own. Each personality of the story is proficient enough to tell the story from his or her own viewpoint.

Author Vikas Singh has picked up the voice of Bhima, one of the strong Pandavas. In this short volume, Bhima is the single storyteller who has voiced his views as an epilogue. The story knits around Bhima’s desire towards his shared wife into all occasions since the day of marriage till the great war and final expedition towards eternal peace.

The author has tried to portray Bhima feeling for his wife. In addition he has endeavored to impart some important life lessons with the help of events like,

  • When Bhima meets his half-brother Hanuman, he is taught the significance of humbleness…

There is a thin line between confidence and arrogance. Confidence is good, arrogance can prove fatal.


  • When Arjun returns with new wife Subhadra(Krishna’s sister), Bhima eases and counsels Draupadi…

“We can’t  force someone else to feel particular way about us… You can choose to be resentful…Or be grateful that the person is a part of your life”

Book: Bhima

Author: Vikas Singh

Publisher: Westland Limited


The author has taken a stance on Bhima which is difficult to accept. From the commencement of the story it looks as Bhima has broken into an outburst against all people around him since he feels he has been ignored nor does he get what he is due for.

He complains how his mother was always biased towards other brothers, how teacher was always partial to Arjuna, how his wife “Draupadi” yearns for Arjun even in the most passionate moments, how he never gets recognition for the battles he has tussled and the list goes on

Bhima has been considered the most powerful in different forums/artifacts. His feats and undertakings are famous. After reading the book, it looks like Bhima kept talking about all his achievements at various situations himself. The book reflects Bhima as under-confident person rather than a strong persona.

The book does not reflect the strong persona of Bhima. Rather it reflects a strong warrior in a shadow, which I doubt he was ever in. To conclude I feel authors view in this book is good for readers who are interested in reading a vivid story without much details of folklore or past.


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