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Good Human Beings – 1 – Vinu Vj

We meet many people everyday. They might be our security guard, tea stall owner, co-passengers on the bus, pedestrians on the road and many more. We sometimes just pass by or hardly remember them. But some people leave an impression on the mind which is difficult to forget.

When you met good people, it feels so good that i start wondering this world will be so different if world was packed with such good people. I met one such person on 27th Dec during our vacation in kerala – “Our Humble Tour Guide – Vinu Vj Vj”

Our plan to take jeef safari in thekkady reserve was unplanned. As we inquired, we found that apart from nature reserve beauty there was nothing much we can find in this jungle. Also we could not get the tickets to the boat ride inside the periyar tiger reserve. Our previous visit to “Jim corbett national park” was not good since the guide just took us through different places but he did not allow us to spend much time as he was more interested in coming back for his second trip. On top of that 50% of the time was wasted in travelling rather than inside park.

With all the skepticism in mind, Vinu pitched “jeep safari” with a smile and said “sir, if you do not get a good experience do not pay me anything. But just pay Rs 1 as token advance”. We decided to take a chance and start at 5.30am for the reserve.

Vinu arrived by 5am and by 5.30am we were on the road. Inorder to save time for our next journey, he asked our driver to come along with us (saving of around 45 minutes and 20kms). At 6am we stopped at one home which was besides the periyar river. It was a nice view at 6am. As we enjoyed the hot masala tea, the weather was pleasant and Vinu started explaining the importance of this place. I was impressed with his knowledge and good English, which helped us a lot in connecting well with him

The remaining 3.5 hours thorough the reserve was as if i had been to a studio to feel the effect of driving through a jungle since the jeep drive was going through steep mud roads.

What i liked the most about Vinu throughout the process of him making our experience good

  • His dedication to make our journey good
  • His knowledge of the reserve
  • He is himself a good photographers. He gave us ideas and spots for clicks, which we will cherish a lot
  • He was the only jeep safari driver i saw who was able to spot animals and informing other safari drivers
  • In order to give us the experience permanently, he clicked amazing photos for us
  • At different time, he kept us updated about the history of the place
  • He made sure he took care of us for more than 3 hours
  • Fresh juice at a farm owned by private company was served (passion fruit and orange juice)
  • We noticed that people who had started with us had already started their second trips

His good behavior has cost him his job multiple times. But he has decided not to change his behavior since he wants to sell experience rather than hourly tours. HATS OFF to this thought of Vinu. This dedicated family member needs a applause rather than challenges to earn his daily bread. I hope he succeeds in his dream of buying his own “Jeep” in the future and become successful.  We have plans to go back to thekkady for a full day tour along with Vinu.

I was impressed by his skills and his dedication to make sure that people who come to Thekaddy not only enjoy the reserve but also take back with them good memories. I wish Vinu all the best. If any of you have plans to visit Thekaddy, then i am listing down his numbers below along with a short introduction video.


Facebook profile : https://www.facebook.com/vinutj.tj

Contact Number : 8157889393

Email id : vinusree008@gmail.com

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