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Missing Navigation skill can impact life

Image credit : health.spectator.co.uk
Image credit : health.spectator.co.uk

The process of life navigation is separated into two main areas: accomplishment and importance. It is possible to experience accomplishment and still not feel important. Accomplishment without importance can be empty, even deceptive. Importance is the underpinning for eloquent accomplishment.

As an adult there are eight areas where improvement is needed to improve life’s navigation skills:   emotive, physical, mental, interpersonal, monetary, nuptial, divine and professional.

Developing the skills needed to successfully navigate life is an important skill needed in our life. In addition to a variety of formal skills development such as life and communication skills, Education is important in the growth of any healthy person. Financial solidity and the ability to find lucrative occupation can greatly improve a person’s chances of successful recovery from bad habits and a basic education is critical.

Most of these navigation skills of life get imparted in school and during our early upbringing. Young people need to improve a wide array of abilities to navigate daily tests. These include tests along the path to high school completion, college triumph, career fulfillment, involved residency, and life in general. These skills go outside the educational material imparted in schools. They include skills related to managing one’s own emotions and behaviors, increasing healthy associations, and building good choices.

Over the past decade, attention has focused on societal skills (how we spend time with others) and emotive skills (how we manage our own sentiments) as a way to improve young people’s skills to navigate their lives. While the growth of these skills has not traditionally been a primary emphasis in schools, there is better considerate that such skills are key to improving achievement outcomes and reducing involvement in unsafe activities like harassment, substance misuse, and failure. Recent research also reveals that these skills are not just static individualities of a person but can be altered through experience.  Not only young adult, but some corporates are also trying to impart some navigational skills in their employees.

Though corporate’s have funds to upsurge deals but mostly overlook funds for human progress. But more and more, corporations are hiring external agencies to enhance their employees’ value and happiness. Work performance is increasing, employee turnover has decreased and profits have increased.

For years, the message has been when you come into work; leave your personal stuff outside the door. But the reality is that everyone brings their stuff into work and this comes in the way of better performance. When a company sets aside a budget to help their people with their personal issues they set themselves apart from their competition. Investing in people pays rich dividends not only in monetary growth, but in loyalty and teamwork. When employees know they have a safe environment, something magical happens within the organization. Companies such as Carnegie understood this principle many years ago and have invested heavily into his people’s lives.

Many people use time, aptitude, and energy chasing only financial prosperity yet often feel something I missing in them. Navigation skills when acquired will hopefully help people get proper direction?

Have you ever felt that you miss the skills to navigate through life?


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