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Music – Indicator of a persons mood

Image credit : www.garageart.com
Image credit : www.garageart.com

Music is the semantic of ambiance that has always captivated me. Many times I have spent hours discerning about music’s that are close to me. This list is my favorite and they will always be on my gadgets playing when I need them the most.

Well music is there for almost any kind of temperament. Some music can be heard during the time of joy and while other music can be played during times when the mood is really depressing. Based on the music sometimes you can actually identify the mood of person. When music from songs like “Yuhi Chala Chal Rahi” is played I feel there is always a good mood ambience is in flow. While songs like “Zindagi Kaisi Hai Paheli are example of songs that indicate that the atmosphere is not so good and probably the heart is wrecked.

Music is a way to diver mind or put some energy in the body. According to a research if before a person goes into surgery listening to relaxing music can help reduce anxiety about the surgery. Also some professional sports people listen to music for motivation before the game. Music is a blessing that can act as a immediate energy booster

May people are fan of metal or rock music. It takes them to some kind of spell; they try to get themselves relieved of pressure of day to day activities of this world while listening to such music. Some people like me use music a source of distraction from non-sense things that go on when travelling in a crowded bus or train .

As a child my mornings always started with devotional music. Though I am not fan of it, devotional song changes the atmosphere. The ambience in temples is best example.  The morning ritual at my home has never changed and the songs remind me multiple times of my childhood memories (good or bad).


While talking about music, I think I will never forget my school morning prayers and definitely our national anthem “Jana Gana mana”. As a mark of respect we stand up whenever it is sang and it happens because of the respect that song has in our mind and heart. National song brings back the loyalty in all of us. One song is enough to have a big impact and unite billion of Indians. Such a big impact.

Finally my car player is a must for me since Listening to music while driving can absolutely influence mood. So when you’re feeling irritated in the car, try cranking some of your favorite tunes. Regardless of your flavor in music, it’s clear that melodies benefit our health. The best part is that now you have an excuse for deafening music while your colleague is trying to study.

I guess from the day a human is born he carries many memories in the music till he dies. For all sentiments such as Affection, hatred, grief or enormous happiness there are songs. They display or evoke emotion in our life that is stored somewhere in our brain. Are you listening to any song frequently? Is there a song which is close to your heart or evokes a memory that you love the most?


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