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Gardening : Beginner Lessons

Gardening for me always was an activity that i enjoyed watching. But when the plants blossomed , i used to find a joy that was pleasant. But seeing the hard-work done by my parents/grandparents for a beautiful blossom, i always stayed away from gardening.

However a strange thing happened when i threw a dried marigold into the ground. It sprouted without much of caring. That was my first trigger for taking interest in gardening. Today i would say, i have become much more disciplined in maintaining the garden that i have built in my balcony.

Some of the plants that i have successfully managed to cultivate are

  1. Tomato – At present i can see small tomato on the plants after two months. Hoping to have a good harvest
  2. Rose – got three varieties. experimenting the art of making them survive and be healthy
  3. Mint – Probably the least interference needed. Below is the picture of our first harvest from one pot after 3 weeks
  4. Curry leaves(kadi patta) – Got these plants from a friend in a bad state. Managed to keep these plants alive and spur growth
  5. Chilly : Was able to germinate plants from seed. Hoping for a successful harvest
  6. Coriander : Was not able to good results on this plants. Seeds are not germinating. Planning to give up
  7. Fenugreek seeds : Experimented last week. Got good germination in one week
  8. Marigold : Had a good harvest last week. New plants have germinated. Hoping to see a good growth and harvest
  9. Other flowers : got some plants from local nursery last week to see if i can maintain them organically. Having challenges
Mint : First Garden Harvest
Mint : First Garden Harvest


Some gardening Lessons i learnt the hard way apart from not being able to keep my balcony clean are

  1. Old leaves can act as a good compost. But i need to make the leaves smaller and then put them in the pots
  2. Too much watering can spoil the plants. Be careful. Each plant is different
  3. Mixture of egg shells and banana are good for plants according to some experts. Waiting to see the results of it
  4. Water collected after  washing rice and dal can be a good manure to the plants. I use this water once a week
  5. A combination of natural soil and potting mix ( MahaGro Premium Potting Mix or Divine Tree Pot Mix) is good rather than just having Pot mix. I saw that plants grew initially good in Potting mix but later on they started drying


But as my experiments become stronger, i want to make sure the plants survive and remain healthy. Ants are troubling. While some leaves turn dry soon. I also noticed that some flowers bud take time to blossom compared to their predecessors.

Keep watching this space. I will share more tips that i learn from my gardening experience. The credit of my learning also goes to google since i rely on it for a solution each time i face a new problem.  Friends and family are yet to be consulted. Well my journey continues and hope to share it through my blog soon 🙂

Would love to hear your gardening experience?


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