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My favorite places that I want to revisit with Zenfone Zoom

From last two months I have been actively searching for a good camera phones. One of my top requirement from the phone was to do a smartphone photography. But the existing phones were not fitting my requirement.

This is when I got introduced to Asus Zoom by one of my friends. as I researched more about this phone, I noticed that it had a great specification along with amazing camera. Some of the highlights of this camera include

  • World thinnest 3X optical Zoom, total 12X Zoom
  • 4GB RAM, Intel PC level performance
  • 13MP Laser Auto focus camera
  • 4 Stops Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)
  • 10P HOYA Lens


With this phone, I would like to relive some of my old memories and visit friends. Another interesting fact that I realized is that I do not carry my heavy backpack with all smartphone accessories since all the great SLR features seem to have been captured in this pocket SLR camera.

I think its time i need to decide on my next travel calendar. As I looked into the places I visited in last two years, here is a list of seven places that I would like to travel again with my new pocket DSLR i.e. amazing Asus Zoom



Mysore is an amazing  place to be in. With my new phone I would like to revisit the Mysore palace first and then explore the other old architectural buildings located in the old city

IMG_3609 (2)

A relaxing day on the houseboat of alleppey is an amazing exercise to brain and body. Located in kerala “god own country”, I would like to spend unlimited day through the beauty of  rustic Kerala backwaters which have a network of tranquil canals and lagoons

Jim Corbett Park

Established to protect the endangered bengal tiger, Jim Corbett National Park  might have dispappointed me twice (no tiger sighting). But still i get amazed at its other inhabitants(great flora & fauna). I would like to re-visit this place again with a light and best camera. Hoping to get lucky third time.



One of the heritage arcs of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow is home to many beautiful places. It has played a important role in india independence war. But being an alumni of IIM lucknow, i had a chance to spend some time at this place. I love the place and its food.

When it come to photography, i would love to start with Lucknow Inamwada




Capital of india, delhi is the political hotbed of India. But it has also been bestowed with many beauties due to the numerous invaders and the affection of people over so many centuries. My top most choice when in Delhi with my new best camera smartphone is Red fort , Delhi

Kerala beaches


Surrounded by Lighthouse & Hawwah beach (Eves beach) Samudra beach, Kovalam beach is probably the best beach in kerala in regard to natural awesomeness and influx of tourists

Here are some photos that i clicked using the new Zenfone Zoom




Other interesting video that talk about this amazing pocket camera can be found here here



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