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Mogli (Jungle Boy) is back #MyMowgliMemory

Image credit : junglebook.wikia.com
Image credit : junglebook.wikia.com

Sweet Childhood memories just flash back whenever i hear about Mogli (the popular jungle boy). The famous song with below lyrics start resonating in my head immediately

“Jungle Jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai..
Arre chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai phool khila hai

Jungle jungle pata chala hai, chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai
Jungle jungle pata chala hai, chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai”

The telecast of this show, was one of the most awaited moments in my house. Though Ramayana & Mahabharata use to dominate the television screens, the excitements and gossips in my friends group was definitely based on Mogli.

Those were the days when whatsapp or social media discussion were unheard off. Also lot of houses did not have TV. But lucky ones like me got a chance to host friends and enjoy delicious Sunday meals cooked by my mom. I remember before the show started, my dad used to make sure the house is cleaned and there is enough room since lot of times, he used to get a chance to gossip with his pears who used to walk into our house to enjoy the food cooked by my mom 🙂

My mom was sweet enough to repeat it every week. As an adult , i think about the pains she went through to make my experience good but what i remember the most are the various characters and plots based around Mowgli,Akela, Shera , Bagheera, Baloo,Kichi & Hathi.

What i hated the most while watching mogli are the commercials, quick movement of the time, wait for one week, power cuts , noise by elders and the pause by show-makers at the most crucial moment of the show.

But overall this show also showed me that despite fears, man and animals can stay together in this world. This show was the reason why i adopted my first pet whom i lovingly called “namo”. As i sit down to write this article,  pleasant memories from this show are just filling my thoughts.

However two most memorable moments from the show are:

  1. When mogli human parents were lost in the jungle and they encounter Alexander(Moglis adopted father and the leader of wolf pack). They were afraid and die when they slip from the cliff. But i enjoyed the most when small kid(mogli) looked lovingly at alexander. The subsequent scenes like small mogli meeting his adopted wolf brothers, alexander convincing wolf packs about his decision to raise mogli like his own kid are memorable moments. They still are reminant in my memory as if i watched them yesterday
  2. When mogli and his adopted brothers (Akru and Sura) execute the meticulous planning and manage to kill shera. This was after mogli had controlled his fears and grown up to be a strong boy. The final sword inserted by Mogli on shera was a great win after a long wait to avenge his father(alexanders) killing

As i revisit this old moments, i feel nostalgic. As i recollected old moment, i sent a whatsapp message to some of my childhood friends. They reignited old conversations. As the gossip was about to get over, my friend shared the below videos link and reminded me of the bets i lost. Well, though i forgot the bets this show definitely had established a “sunday social life” for all of us. It is difficult to have such a life today but these old memories are golden.


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