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Co-Cleaning is tough but easy using #LaundryGoesOddEven


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I always observed during my childhood that the laundry used to be done by my mother. But on a Sunday our dad used to ensure that all males (me, brother & dad) of the house helped my mom by at-least relieving her of her laundry. We hated it but at the same time we waited for delicious dishes (our mom’s way of rewarding our good work).

But as a elder i lost touch with some of this habits mostly because the work was outsourced to washer. But after getting married, we used to do this work at home. Despite multiple pushes, i hardly helped my better half in doing the work. Though washing has become automated with washing machine, the machine had hardly seen my face.

So when #LaundryGoesOddEven challenge was thrown to me by blogadda, i readily accepted it. But my better half laughed at it and ignored me. She went on her with her usual chores and changed the topic. I realized that I was to blame for this attitude since in the past I have never stick to my words on sharing the load. Laundry basket has been used for only dumping rather than cleaning.

laundry bin

Well the laundry basket will hardly be filled going forward.This was a commitment battle , which I had to win.

When the “Ariel Matic” product finally arrived at home, I showed it to her. She saw it, took it and kept it inside.

But i had made up my mind that i will do it this time. But to my surprise the washing machine was running. As i tried to search for a button, she said “do not spoil more things for your adamant. try your experiments after the present load is done”

i waited. i waited. finally the machine had stopped. i decided to ask for an help. but she was busy. Had done some operations a year ago on the washing machine, but i had forgotten everything. hence i decided to take help of youtube and saw some videos. here is an helpful video

Finally i managed to open the doors and remove the clothes that she had put earlier. As a good sporting person (to much credit to take for myself after she has tolerated me for such a long time), i also put those clothes to proper drying.

I put in the next set of clothes (mostly bed-sheets). When i opened the packet the smell of powder was good. She observed what i was doing and started helping me (thank god. my hard work was showing that i am committed at any cost to prove myself). We finally managed to put and start the cloth cleaning.

After washing the cloths, i opened the washing machine and showed the cloths to my better half. I was surprised as much as her but i was happy that i managed to execute the challenge! 

washed cloths along with powder

My wife had been an expert in cleanliness was pretty surprised by the performance of the powder. She felt the ariel product did pretty well compared to her present washing powder. kudos to ariel team for making such a nice product which will make the life of many laundry cleansing easy

Well not only did i complete washing, but i also made sure that i dry the clothes and put them in proper place after folding in evening.Relaxing at night, i was smiling like a soldier, who just won a great battle and made a mark.

What next i wondered? Well i have made up my mind for below

  • I have marked all Sundays in calendar for laundry works! After realizing that laundering is such an easy work, i can definitely reduce her workload rather than increasing it. Thank you Ariel Matic for giving me so much happiness by sharing the workload!
  • i hope to inspire some people especially my dad who seem have to lost some of his touch of the past

Next day, my wife had tried this product on different set of clothes. Overall apart from my commitment, we give a head-sup to ariel matic powder.

If any of you have a mindset that daily chores like laundering should be done by women only then you are going backward! Wind of change is blowing! Give & Share joy. Get love!!

Share load and live happy for long

I am taking part in the #LaundryGoesOddEven Challenge by Ariel India at BlogAdda.


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