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Change in touch points needed to influence next generation

All of us get influence a lot by our surroundings.

As our next generation grows up, they have so many touch points with outer world. Through this touch points next generation gets influenced and their action are determined.

As a potter gives shape to mud to form a beautiful pot, these different touch points act as a way to mould the next generation.

Also some things which surprise me are the facts that we ignore actuals and rely on undated things said by our ancestors. For instance traditionally occupations which people perceive should be done by female are actually ruled by males.
1.cooking – are dominated by males chefs.
2.cleaning: most laundry I’d done by males
3. List can be built further

Correct feed into different touch points can make a big difference to influence our next generation. Here are different touch points and what I would like to do different to influence them

– they should stop differentiating between genders for doing work based on what they inherited from their elders
-give equal treatment to both genders
-explain benefits of being an all rounder ( ex; when doing higher studies abroad everyone has to take care of all their work and not wait for others to complete your task)
-tie aspiration of next generation with real life examples of people who adore or talk about gender equality because many next generation have role models. This role models can be within family or outside. Ex: many sports person today openly talk about gender equality rather than differentiation
-walk the talk rather than just talking since most of our next generation also observe. For example if males at home do not help females in daily chores like laundry

– the second home of our next generation can play a big role
-school text books should be revised to talk about balancing work load by all genders rather than differentiating. Stories which show benefits of co-working is needed
-have competitions within school so that guys can build skillset for doing chores like washing and reward them
-for example in japan kids are thought the importance of how to behave in society , avoid wastage of food , do most of their chores etc. such education creates future adults who are responsible and believe in harmony

-places where we stay or we spent maximum time with our generation can be great messenger for spreading positive vibes

– most time of next generation is spent on media which is full of content
– it is important that as adults we make our next generation aware of the good/bad and help them in making decisions rather than censoring content
– we should actively have conversations with them about pros/cons when programs/videos which speak about old mindset are shown
-healthy discussions should be encouraged
– content creation that echo the message of sharing load by both genders should be focused on

Before I conclude, I feel we should first start with gap analysis to read the target consumers(next generations mind). Target population can be divided into three sets
– adults mix who are parents/teacher and believe that next generation should be influenced for this cause
– next generation who are about to start working
– next generation who are still in school

Once all are briefed about this cause, each of them can be given some time to research. After that We can do the following
– in-depth interview/meeting with target population, to understand their concerns
– focus group discussions comprising 8-12 people in the panel, completely familiar with the cause
– conduct representative empirical survey with a questionnaire to form research instrument

The results and findings from first two steps would lead to third step so that all important issues, concepts, possible needs and preferences etc form questions in the questionnaire (which has to be comphrensive as possible without being too long)

Results from this study can feed into next steps which will be much more comprehensive

I am taking part in the #ShareTheLoad Challenge with Ariel and Akshara at BlogAdda.


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