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Automatic – Opportunity or Threat?

Well when i hear the word automatic, the first word that strikes my mind is “Automation” and its implications. Recently there has been a lot of talk about loss of jobs due to automation. Here are some articles, that i recently read in the newspaper about automation:

Well i guess each industry go through this phase. After the industrial revolution started, many jobs were lost as automation (robots) were introduced. Reaction to such impact varies based on the human psychology or role human plays in the society.  Especially “workers” look into their losses of job since it impacts their dreams and family. Another group of humans (especially “business owners”), look into ways of increasing profit by leveraging automation.

Today in the industry that i work (Indian IT industry) there is a big threat looming due to automation. But increase of efficiency/productivity due to automation is what excites me since many of the monotonous task can ultimately be removed and throughput can be improved. I have focussed on reskilling myself and hate the manual tasks.

As human species evolve the word “automatic” will impact every sphere of life. Technology is playing a big role in it. But the negative side of automation worries me the most. Since it can increase unemployment if other avenues (government unemployment benefit or reskilling) are not created.  At the same time i am optimistic about “automatic” because it will make my life easier and gives me the opportunity to push my boundaries further ( i explore more and learn new things)

Has the world of “automatic” or “automation” impacted your life or lives of people you know?

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