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First time voter : Goa elections 2017

Today I finally exercised my voting rights for the first time despite challenges on.personal front. Everytime & Everytime from the time I became to eligible to vote, there were different set.of challenges which stopped me.

It used to pinch when sitting at home I used to watch the results and worry if the decision would have been different if people like me had exercised their rights.

But today when I saw that 83℅ of Goans exercised their right, I was delighted. Irrespective of the result altleast people are not taking the holiday for granted. Rather they are rising up to bring about a change and make their voice heard.

With different political party try their luck on goan political front, it is important that this change is not just one time but all citizens participate actively on the government functioning and make their voices heard.

Such small changes and high turnouts restores the faith in democratic process rather than sitting aloft and cribbing without participating.
I went to the polling booth at 1pm and it was a smooth process and luckily not a.long queue.

As I entered, the first person verified my papers and called out my ward registration number. 4 people sitting besides him updated their records and person who called out my name also updated his records manually to make sure no one else comes again.

Then the next person entered my details in a log book and took my signature. The third person inked my hand so that I do not vote again and took the receipt given by second person. The last person ensured that the vote of previous person is properly recorded and the machine is ready to record my vote , before signalling me to go ahead and cast my vote.

This whole process has been recorded to ensure transparency. After I pressed the candidate name on the voting machine, the machine made a noise, red button was lit and the polling officer siting outside ensured that all the process is completed. After some time, red light went off and the ballot option that I chose printed a copy and put it in another box besides.

The whole process was completed in less than 2 minutes and I was on the way back home.satisfied & Happy.

Have you ever participated in the election process? How has been your experience?





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