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Finding Juliet – “True Love is always there through up and downs”

When i read the title “Finding Juliet”, i was wondering if this book was another shelf book that talks about an orthodox love or romance. Though my guess was nearly correct, the author has tried to wove the words to tell about his feelings from college.

The story revolves around a character who talks about this journey from college to job and till he figures that the treasure he was searching for was always with him. Though successful in academics, he was never able to enjoy stardom in personal life because he did not have a girl friend. Most of the friends he made in his college either cheated on him or they moved on before he realized the feelings.

Throughout college he was confused about why he never found success in love life , until he meets a love counselor (in office), who rose from similar situation. In a movie style, the guys suddenly enjoys stardom in love life after he listens to the advice of the so-called ‘love counselor’. Counselor through this book has shared tips for guys on how to understand ladies better

In the middle of tragic situation on personal, this person has made quite good strides on professional front (he has a job, successful lyricist etc). But after enjoying the stardom in love life, he suddenly felt that he was hungry for something but never got the true meaning of it.

Finally he realizes that his childhood friend (a doctor by profession) who has always been by his side in ups & downs ,is the true love, which he could never understand earlier since he had been blinded by the lust of attraction rather than love.

Though the book has different shades of tragedy & joy, the plot does not capture those emotions effectively. It seems to be in a hurry to make love life successful. But an important message is that it is important to have a balance in personal and professional life. Overdose of anything can impact the other.

If you are one of those persons who does not wish to apply logic or who does not guess the future plot based on present reading than this book is a good read. As i read the book, i was able to decipher the plot.

Good part is many people might be able to relate this story to someone you know.  Grab the book today and check out if ‘Finding Juliet’ excites your neurons.


I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review



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