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#ColgateMagicalStories – Story of Solar System and Comet

There is a little bit of child behavior in all of us. Those memories has a child which we have gotten just get refreshed whenever I see the kids playing cricket in my apartment, or playing hide and seek or building a castle on beach. The occasions are so many and those childhood memories are priceless. So when my two cute nieces ask me to tell them a story each time I visit them, I explore my childhood memory.

But when colgate sent me the pack, I decided to frame a story for them along with the cutouts. I named the story as ‘Story of Solar System and Comet’

I asked the nieces to think as if they are astronauts and suit up like the cutouts. As they imagined themselves, the story started

Well there is huge galaxy of star called milky way. This family had nine members: eight planets and a star

This family is called solar family and their head was a star. Star was named was SUN.

The name of eight planets were : Mercury , Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune

All the planets needed light from head of the family to survive. So the SUN would emit light for them and each planet would run to catch the light

However while trying to capture more and more light, sometimes the planets would bang against each other and get hurt. It was becoming a problem and the family was worried.

As each family member thought, suddenly EARTH got an idea. EARTH, the wisest of the planet and commanded good respect in family, thought of a fun game called 'grab the light'.

EARTH drew eight round paths around the SUN and called them orbits. All orbits were spaced sufficiently apart from each other

He also announced that the planet that collected most amount of light without leaving their own orbit would be winner of the game. All the planets were excited on hearing about the idea and decided to play it every day

Many days passed by. Suddenly one day all planets noticed a beautiful object with a shiny tail coming towards the orbit assigned to one of the planets

Amazed by the beauty of the object, the planet MARS went close to ask 'Hi, You are very beautiful. Welcome to solar family. What’s your name?"

The beautiful object replied, my name is COMET. He further stated “ I heard about the interesting game. i came here to play the game of 'grab the light' with all of you. Would you please let me join you? “

MARS paused for a moment and said ‘let me discuss with my family and get back to you’

The planers were worried about ‘ what if the comet cheats? Or what if comet bangs with us since she does not have an orbit’

PLUTO suggested that we can assign her an new orbit that overlaps our orbits.

EARTH agreed and said that ‘all the planets have to make sure that they don't bang with COMET while trying to capture the light’

All the planets accepted the proposal and started giggling. They also realized that the game will be more challenging and it will be fun to have a new friend join the game.

JUPITER came forward and drew a new orbit around the SUN for the comet to start playing the game. He also explained the rule of the game 'grab the light' to Comet.

Everyone went back to their positions to start their game

After playing the game for many days, it was time for the COMET to go back home . She thanked everyone for allowing her to play the game 'Grab the light'

As I paused I noticed that my nieces were already asleep


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