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Be a part of the RC Bolt Anti-Boring Party

Are you wondering what is RC Bolt Anti Boring Party. Well have you ever thought what can be Anti-Boring?

  • Is it a walk with person whom you like the most?
  • Is it wearing shorts to a suit event?
  • Is it going to an unknown destination without planning?
  • It is getting a cool gift?
  • Is it getting a good appraisal and attending your favorite party?

Well whatever your answer might me. There are some people who choose do the same thing everyday. While there are odd people , who wish to be challenged every time. They move out of their comfort zone by making moves that raises eyebrows and sometimes good/bad admiration. But the hunger and thrill to explore new & unknown is an undying spirit.

It is for people of such guts that Royal Challenge has created a new Bold flavored drink – Royal Challenge BOLT, a blend of Royal Challenge whisky with Espresso coffee flavor, to make bold even bolder and to change the way you drink. Introducing RC Bolt that blasts away the boring !


Do you also want to get the real feeling of Anti boring. Then get lucky and win passes to this event. Click on this link to participate  http://www.liveinstyle.com/royal-challenge/rc-bolt

Lets meet at RC Bolt Event.


You can also get all the updates about the event here https://www.facebook.com/gameforlife/


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