Be a part of the RC Bolt Anti-Boring Party

Are you wondering what is RC Bolt Anti Boring Party. Well have you ever thought what can be Anti-Boring?

  • Is it a walk with person whom you like the most?
  • Is it wearing shorts to a suit event?
  • Is it going to an unknown destination without planning?
  • It is getting a cool gift?
  • Is it getting a good appraisal and attending your favorite party?

Well whatever your answer might me. There are some people who choose do the same thing everyday. While there are odd people , who wish to be challenged every time. They move out of their comfort zone by making moves that raises eyebrows and sometimes good/bad admiration. But the hunger and thrill to explore new & unknown is an undying spirit.

It is for people of such guts that Royal Challenge has created a new Bold flavored drink – Royal Challenge BOLT, a blend of Royal Challenge whisky with Espresso coffee flavor, to make bold even bolder and to change the way you drink. Introducing RC Bolt that blasts away the boring !


Do you also want to get the real feeling of Anti boring. Then get lucky and win passes to this event. Click on this link to participate

Lets meet at RC Bolt Event.


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