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“Key To My Soul” by Probal Mazumdar

After i read the book ‘Key to my soul’ i felt that this book has put forth “a great story that has been detailed to the clearest possible extent and emotions can be felt”

This story revolves around the main character Siddharth. He is never able to settle with the love of his life. The journey of this love through different hurdles of happiness, sadness and mystery is what is covered in this book.

While most childhood love stories end in different shades of emotions i.e happy or sorrow. However the story in the book walks through the emotions that are experience through the journey. Though it was a love story that managed to remain strong in childhood (opposite poles attracted), unfortunate events in the girls life ended Siddharth dreams in disaster.

Though Siddharth never realized why he had to suffer this faith , some hidden details revealed through a mysterious phone call suddenly turn the tides and open the hidden puzzles in his life. The past that was buried suddenly opens as if it was just fresh in his memory.

Author has nicely woven the net of words to ensure that the characters in the book do not get a simple story. At each moment as the pages are scanned the emotions are rightly displayed through different letters and the struggle of life to realize the happy ending is visible. It remains a dream that though has past the years, become afresh through the set of letters that were written some years back.
Shades of main characters keep changing and their strong bond are getting tested in the hassles of life and complications introduced by the villains. Despite the challenges the main characters try to handle their life. But life has something in store for them.

Well as the mind is embedded, sometimes i felt like why did the main characters did not take this twists or why the did so. Such was my involvement while reading the book, that as questions hovered on the plot there was also enthusiasm at the same time to read where the plot is going to.

Great job by the author to write such a compelling story. Definitely a must read book.

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Key to my soul

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