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Vodafone-Hutch Deal – I

i did a bit of research with my colleague for a report titled  “Merger and Acquisition Report – Introspection of a Success Story”, as part of his project report. As part of this study we did some research on vodafone-hutch deal. Most of the stuff we got from net, added some of our analysis information. I …

Teach india experience on 26 Sep 09

My MBA interview experience till now

Teach india volunteers(Bhumi MAD volnteers get togther)

Chennai to Goa journey options

SP Jain interview(PGPM 09-10) exp

First day as a teach India volunteer

World perception, Worship of Snake (naag panchami)

Teach Citizen

I recently joined the teach india campaign of TOI(times of india) and met some NGOs. Interacted with young individuals who were running these NGO and quite focused on helping underprivileged children. Apart from this I have also been involved in CSR(Corporate social responsibility) activities of my company. But why so many different entities are needed. …