Does Coupons, CashBack or bargains impact your family budget?

Tweet It was not like any other day of the year. Hectic schedules of life looked like never ending and morning chitchats had reduced to just saying hello and bye. I have been making excuses to her delaying our shopping plan for last 6 months and she has been patiently listening. But today she just …

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Finally The Most Awaited Dream Comes True

Tweet Sumi’s most important day of life was today. An opportunity to work in one of the most reputed companies was about to knock on the door. Past two years had been most challenging on the personal and professional life. Therefore, it was hard to believe that luck was smiling. Sumi decides to do a …

Chalo Delhi(March to Delhi) – Manifesto to Fulfill Demands

Tweet WRITE AND IMPLEMENT A MANIFESTO WITH QUARTERLY/HALF YEARLY REPORTING Five pillars of Manifesto for all citizens are Proper Security Proper basic necessities Proper environment/reporting of all government Proper integration of natural resources Proper growth inclusive of all people that include upper class, middle class, below middle class and poverty line PUT PEOPLE FIRST by …