The Best Advice my Father Gave me

Shopped a surprise for my better half from

Thrilling Game – WHATTHEBLACK

Tweet Few days back blogadda had announced the competition for the title “Black is Beautiful”. Like others, I too had participated by writing post detailing what are the real things I like and aspire to posses in black. Along with this competition, there was the link given to sign up for the After the sign up, …

Reflections sometimes help us connect to present

Tweet Arvind’s mom visited him,  thinking she could spend some time with her lovely son and his family. However due to heavy workload he could not manage to give time to her despite his will and sometimes screamed at her when she requested attention. On a fine evening after returning from office, he saw his …

I still love you

Tweet   This is the story of one beautiful couple who loved each other but had got separated because of some misunderstandings between them. Actually the man named as raj was the business tycoon. Few days back, he had overtaken one company which required some new employees. On other side, a lady named rani was …

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The only solace being, the secret remained

Tweet Mrs Breganza passed away in her sleep quietly without making any nuisances. Rather she has been a person whose life had been guiltless. Now she was lying in her bed peacefully with her eyes closed. Her dyed hair were lying neatly as if they had been done some moments ago. The smiling expression on …

Little Angel

The tyre couldn’t have chosen a better time to get punctured

Never Loose A Loving Heart