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Connect Easily with readers using color pallets

Color is a influential and vital messaging tool used across centuries by different cultures to spread their religion message. Well today the political parties make use of it and social media platforms have chosen their own colors.

Before we go into more philosophy, let’s consider how color plays an important role when you are creating the design info of your next article

  • Have you ever seen the metro stations chart? Aren’t they so easy to understand ex: ink line, blue line etc. Well the usage of colors codes makes it easy to convey such huge information and visually also it is very appealing. This ensures that users can themselves search for information and they do not have to spend time going through multiple forums or asking customer serve agent.
  • How do you differentiate between lets says watermelon and apple? Or any fruits /vegetables. Well color plays an important differentiation. Similarly when you are writing your article, if you want to make a piece of word or line quickly recognizable or easy to remember then use it a different color.
  • Something that stands out in the crowd is what users or anyone notices the most. Well the same thing applies by the usage of color (styles, tones) that you can focus what you want to be emphasize on. Some organization use  different color codes in banners/alerts to ensure that user knows that this is the most important information
  • When schools spend time with all stakeholders in the ‘Design Info’ of books, I am sure color plays a major role in their decision.  I have seen that my little nephew book had different sections and chapters in different colors. He loved those books color and used to associate those colors with objects in his surroundings. Cool way to pass information and quickly speed-en up the learning.

Some color codes should be carefully used when planning your article or blog page since human brain have been designed to interpret them in a way. For instance

  • Red color always means danger. But it is also an indication of confidence and glow
  • You would have seen many signs on the road in yellow. But it does also indicate excitement and happiness
  • Blue color is not only associated with ocean and sky, but this color also indicate a feeling of deep and peace
  • As in many cultures, black dress is wore during sorrow. Similarly black indicates unknown things in many places
  • The color Orange is not only seen in oranges but it also is used to indicate or mean a thing/object/person etc is glowing, vigorous and thoughtful

Apart from above interpretation, how color are interpreted vary based on some culture , gender, age in different ways. We live in a colorful biosphere, a world that acts as the perfect stimulating prompt for designing beautiful new things. The best thing about looking to in our surrounding is that the natural color palettes is always is so dynamic and so vast that inspiration is never ending. It is this color codes that stimulates emotions and great feelings in different weather.

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