home Contests Wish i was blessed to #LoveJatao for my Grandparents

Wish i was blessed to #LoveJatao for my Grandparents

As i got up today (10th September 2017), i was reminded by my friends that today is Grandparents day. As i look back into my life, i hardly was blessed with this virtue of spending time with them.

But when i look at the above photos, which my parents worship during different occasions, i wonder how lucky are those people who have the blessing to spend time with the grandparents. I guess people do not realize the important of things when they have it with them in hand or it is easily accessible.

My moms parents had passed away when she was pretty young and my dads side also passed away before i could build any beautiful memories with them.

But i still want to build my memories and want to imagine a world where i could spend time with them. Based on what my elder cousins told me i feel my grand parents would have been happy if their typical day looked like this

    1. Get up early in the morning at 5a.m and go to a walk with them on a beach. In the middle stop by at different houses and gather friends who will either join or just check with them if they want something from the beach
    2. As the walk to the beach progressed, not only enjoy the cool breeze but also take a stock of yesterday day and plan the remaining day ( i remember day saying that he used to get a list of work once my grandparents were back from the beach)
    3. Once on the beach find a pleasant place to sit and just enjoy the natural beauty.
    4. Get ready to fetch fresh fish from the boats arriving at the coast. (My elder cousin used to pick up the fish and grandparents used to get enough quantity of that fish. Picking fresh fish from the coast was done on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. Other days some gods ruled at home and it was strict vegetarian food. I see my parents following the same ritual till data )
    5. In the return walk, just stop by at the gardens and start the pump to water the plants. This usually was 16-20 minutes job since my uncle had made sure the helping staff arrived there early to ease the load on my grandparents
    6. Once at home, sip a hot cup of tea along with live broadcast from All india radio (A.I.R). Spend 30 minutes at it.
    7. After that have a fresh bath from well water and head to pooja room without talking to anyone
    8. After pooja is done, have a hot dosa with chutney. He wished the hot serving to continue till he asked someone to stop
    9. After that it was time, to make sure all people at home are awake and the hot water is ready for them
    10. Then check whether gouri (our cow) and her cousins are ready. If yes, ask one of his kids to milk them and latter take them to grazing
    11. Post that , spend some time on reading and relaxing.
    12. At 12 noon, he liked raw rice to be served with hot green vegetables, curry and pickles
    13. At 1.30 , it was time for afternoon nap. But not before making sure the cows are back in the shed and ladies have served all the grandchildren’s
    14. At 4pm, it was time for evening tea along with all grandchildren’s. At this time, he liked the biscuits from the local baker served. My dad mentioned that almond and cashew flavored where his favorites.
    How have you spent your time with your grandparents? Any sweet memories which you would like to share

I look forward to hear from you how would you celebrate Grandparents Day. Do share a selfie with your grandparents on Sept. 10, 2017 on Twitter or Facebook with #LoveJatao & tag @blogadda to win a goodie from Parachute Advansed.