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7 Types of Women You Will Meet in Your 40s

Types of female behavior are formed depending on age, life experience, upbringing, family scenarios, cultural traditions, and other living conditions of a woman. They can be mixed or change over time. However, the very typology is arbitrary. We just want to give as an example certain models of female behavior in order to demonstrate how female psychology works in action.

Types of women a man can meet in his 40

A mother woman

This type is very common and prevails in women aged 40 and older. Outwardly, mother women are always pleasant, nice, and responsive people. Such a woman sees the meaning of her existence in children and husband (who, in fact, she also perceives as a child). A mother woman treats men as a source of eternal problems, but at the same time, she cannot imagine her life without a man. This lady is always ready to sacrifice herself and carry this “burden” to the end of her life.

Hunter woman

These are very active and purposeful women. For them, man is prey, and they are hunters. Their goal is always wealthy men who can provide for them. Hunters have a bright attractive appearance, always keep their figure, and emphasize their sexuality in all possible ways. A hunter woman treats a man as a trophy and a source of money, pleasures, and opportunities.

Boss woman

These are women with a rough, strong-willed, and almost masculine character. They are self-sufficient and independent, any man can envy their leadership qualities. Those around them appreciate their great working capacity and ability to solve any problems. Their unconscious goal is to prove their strength and power.

Simple soul

As a rule, women of this type do not pay much attention to their appearance, as they try to look natural. They are lighthearted, open, and responsive. Thus, they attract a lot of men when they text single ladies. Most of these women become very good mothers and loving wives.

Childish woman

The age of this type of women is approximately 30-35 years. As a rule, these are capricious, effeminate, and infantile women who look for a “daddy” to care for them. They attract men with their apparent naivety and almost childlike spontaneity. Childish women evoke in men the desire to protect and help them and to satisfy their desires.


This type of women can be found among any age category. They are very self-sufficient and purposeful individuals. Men appreciate them for their high moral values, versatility, good sense of humor, and smartness. These women strive to build relationships with men on the principles of openness, mutual understanding, and support. Such a lady cares for her man as for a child, but at the same time, she is the best friend and lover for a beloved.


A homemaker is a type of woman who realizes herself in the house. The home-fire is her project, the project of her life which she creates for the dearest people. Moreover, domestic chores are not burdensome for her. This lady is ready to move heaven and earth for the sake of beloved people. Thus, the homemaker woman is a very good wife and a caring mother.

Bonus: top men’s qualities that attract women in their 40

To find a beloved woman as quickly as possible, a man should know what men’s qualities women like the most. Therefore, we’d like to bring to your attention a list of the top men’s qualities that attract women in their 40:

  • decent manners;
  • good taste in clothing, the choice of perfume, etc;
  • neatness;
  • successfulness;
  • social standing.