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Why You Shouldn’t Fall In Love At First Sight?

Do you believe in love at first sight? There are many literary works, songs, and stories of “eyewitnesses”. Or maybe you yourself once experienced it on yourself. The minds of the whole world have been struggling for a long time to solve this phenomenon. There are several hypotheses that are trying to sort through the sensation of a fateful meeting. Amur, by the way, doesn’t care who to shoot arrows at: neither age nor life experience of future “victims” matter. Why do we suddenly pay attention to someone who will no longer be a stranger?

Love at first sight: is it possible?

To understand exactly whether it is possible to fall in love at first sight, it is necessary to analyze the concept itself. Proponents of the idea offer each person to answer this question. After all, a definite answer doesn’t exist, even though the best representatives of mankind have tried to formulate it. Since no one can define the feeling that arises between two people, it is impossible to establish whether it is real or not. Opponents of the idea say that it is impossible to love a person whom you know for several minutes. At the same time, scientists found that the person’s subconscious mind evaluates information about a stranger’s appearance in 1 minute. During this same time, at the level of intuition, a person understands whether a partner of the opposite sex is suitable for a serious relationship or not. It turns out that love at first sight is possible. If a spark has not formed in the first minutes of your acquaintance, it is unlikely to appear in the future. By the way, when people meet on girls meeting girls online sites, it can be called love at first sight too.

Perhaps the secret of love at first sight lies in a strong feeling that develops in the process of communication into deep and full affection. Remember about the fact that you have intuition: it helps choose the right path in extreme situations. It determines the importance of the meeting and tells you if you have met the person you really need. What if love at first sight really exists, and it is a manifestation of intuition?

Reasons not to fall in love at first sight

  • Firstly, this is basic safety and a sense of self-preservation. After all, we don’t know anything about this person. To begin with, psychologists advise taking a closer look at a person, getting to know him/her from different angles.
  • Secondly, don’t fall in love at first sight as this will save you from disappointment and failure. After all, basically, the first impression is deceptive.
  • Doctors don’t advise falling in love at first sight because this amorousness, during which the body experiences euphoria and a surge of positive emotions, passes and is replaced by coldness, and such instability brings only a strong shake for the nervous system.
  • Love, especially that happens to a person at first sight, guarantees a person’s detachment from the outside world. The lover lives in a world of dreams, but nobody canceled everyday life and worries.
  • Moreover, such love is very fleeting and passes very quickly. And if you know little of a partner, then it will be difficult for you to adapt and come to terms with his/her habits.
  • In addition, many psychologists say that love at first sight is just an extra waste of emotions, time, and money.
  • People in love are very vulnerable because they are ready to open their souls. But where is the guarantee that the other person experiences the same feelings and doesn’t offend you?