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Teach india volunteers(Bhumi MAD volnteers get togther)

Well this was a second meeting of Make A Difference volunteers which I attended. Till now I have not attended any classes because whenever I am available from last one month the classes have been cancelled for one reason or the other.  All the new and old volunteers had gathered for this meeting at youth hostel adyar on 13th august. Initially all of us were made to sit in a round chair and given a piece of paper. We were supposed to write our queries about weekend classes or difficulties faced in the class and hand it over to volunteers

After this activity all of us were asked to count from 1 to 7. Then 7 groups were formed . For instance people who counted one will be in one group, 2 will be one group and so on

 I was part of group 5 and we named our team “Gyan Gurus”. Each group was supposed to present what BHUMI(the NGO I work with)  means to us. Some team enacted and some sang phroses. We sang phrase too. Some of the lines are

 With Bhumi we change lives

Lets give each other Hi-5!

After all the groups were done , each group was assigned one of the lesson that we take during class. We were given a song to play and we performed pathetically.The song

  Hello dady How are you

  I am fine..i am fine

  Hello mummy how are you

  I am fine..i am fine

Same was repeated for brother,sister and two kids. We were supposed to explain this song to mid level and high level kids. But failed to do so

Other groups were given topics like explaining words to kids. People were innovative in doing so by using charts, colours to make it interesting

Finally the session ended by senior MAD volunteers giving answers to all our questions


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