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Not the usual sundays

this was not an usual sunday for me. i was supposed to go for a morning beach cleaning campaign organised by CTC, but could not do it. I was very weak in the morning hence could not get up,partially due to the late night sleep on the previous day. Felt bad for the CTC volunteers who might have called me in the morning.

10a.m i finally woke up after my maid started banging the door. Gosh the sun was on the head. As i it was about to be 11 i realized today being a sunday my gym closes early. Weekdays i hardly find time to go to gym and with my engagement coming near by i need to tone myself atleast to convince myself πŸ™‚

as i ended in the gym my trainer tells me that the power is not there and i need to do all floor exercises. with no treadmill to warm up i was running around the gym to warm myself. in 45 minutes i was exhausted so much that i was like when will i finish. As the gym routine was about to get over i sprained my ankle. I had to sit with physio to straighten it out. Thanks to him, in 5 minutes i was back to normal. after a steam bath it was time to go for some good food. Being a sunday i thought of having some non -Veg. But later realized that i had forgotten my wallet at home and i only had food coupons in my bag

Rather than going home and coming back i just went to a veg restaurant which accepts food coupon and had food..as the afternoon settled and with a heavy food i was about to settle on the bed i realised that i had forgotten my bike keys in office yesterday. I was not sure about what was going on in my mind but it just flashed. Concerned about the safety of the keys i immediately took my duplicate keys and was about to start to office, my phone starts ringing.

Mine friend in on the line and heΒ  reminds me of the key that i had left yesterday and tell’s me that he has kept the key inside his locked drawer. Finally i relaxed. Hoping that i do not have any more surprises left in the day i slowly go to bed at around 4p.m. At 10 i woke up by the delivery boy who delivers my parcel every night. Finally weekend is over and monday has started


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