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In this post i am not taking about great leaders , CEO, VP etc. Just remember that a US based wall street firm has got lot of VP though they do a work what an entry level person in india does. I am not entering this debate now..

I am talking about small leaders who have gone through their hard-work or because somebody else feel that they can manage team well.. Well the first challenge to such people is dealing with your friends. the gossip cannot be done on some topics because you  might be handling that portfolio. Next thing is how to communicate to your friends in case he is not delivering as expected. During appraisals things get more worst. If you give good rating to friends, then people say because he is your friend he has given him. Otherwise your friend gets angry. List goes on

Another problem that occurs is people who think they can become leaders but are not made leaders start using their influence or start a non co-operation movement in a polite way. You can call them silent killers. A leader has to decide on how to handle it. If the person who is playing the games is not an important resource then it is easy to play but if he/she is critical resource then the movement of pawns has to be done politely

As a leader you are supposed to learn new things. You might have been in your comfort zone in the past but you have to come out from it and learn the trade secrets. Your presentation, oratory skills are important.  A holistic view to a problem backed with statistics to prove your point rather than making a guess will make you look like good person

The biggest challenge to a new leader is to meet the expectations of your boss and as well as your reportees. The boss is in his comfort zone and  he expects the work to be done in a particular way. Even if you feel that something is incorrect, you can get that right to raise your voice once you have proven your credentials by working the way boss expects. Thinking out of the box to meet the goals of your boss will always help you to be smarter.  In this game you are not alone. There are lot of people who are fighting for the same pie. Some feel jealous of you because you have risen early or they feel you will take their role or they are not happy you to see the growth

A good leader is a person who weathers the storm and leads by an example. You cannot ignore your surrounding but you have to learn and live with it.


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