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What are you thankful for?

I am thankful to the below people in the chronological order they have come in my life


My parents are the reason for my existence. Whatever i am today, it is solely because my parents supported me. My parents ensured that i learn the right things so that i grow as a good person. Looking back at my life, i cherish my childhood the most and those moments i can never get back. I can just thank my parents for all the happiness they have given me and hope i can provide back to them the same


My parents ensured that i get the right education and mine teacher are my second parents. Mine Teachers not only thought me alpha, gama, zero, english , other langauges etc but also the basics which help me today in facing the world. I am literate because of my teacher and able to earn my livelihood. My thought process has been inspired by my teachers , parents and surrounding across me. I have done mistakes and have been naughty, but the way the things were handled i am just amazed and greatful


My teachers and parent taught me. I got a personality which helped me in finding a right job, thought process and not to forget ability to make judgements. Today my partner is a person with whom i share all my personal and professional thoughts and we both aspire to leave a happy life irrespective of the hurdles that we might face in our lifetime


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