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International Freelancers Day

Freelance Independent

Being Independent on your own is a freedom which everybody aspired to have. I am a software programmer by profession and freelance writer by hobby. Right from my childhood days, I have aspired to do something on my own. But I could never conceptualize my plan or got a platform where I build my aspirations.


Freelance Writing Is something I got a first taste when I met people in Social Media circles who were successful working on their own. Their success motivated me to explore platforms where I can build my future hobby. ELANCE was one such platform. When I initially registered, I was skeptical if I could ever be successful since there was so much abundant talent here. I was bidding but did not taste any success. I realized that I did not know the art of bidding nor did have any successful past writing to show. Learning’s have been immense in my journey.

The story continues today. I am interested in writing, and this made me try to explore the opportunities in freelance writing. It turned out to be a successful experience till now. My Clients were my biggest critique. I learnt from them a lot. You feel bad when they say something, but ultimately if I was in their shoes probably I would have done the same. Ultimately money is paid for quality work.


I am thankful to people who showed faith on me and helped me build my portfolio. I am still learning but ELANCE offers everything for freelancers from basic to expert. I am a B school aspirant and hoping my freelance experience can be a stepping shoe for my future company. I am at crossroads as of today. I am Juggling between office work, building my hobby and hoping to impress a top Business school. Whether my future is in writing or software or something else, probably I do not know. It is difficult to say and sometimes I feel I am doing too much. But a ‘thank you’ from client gives me a smile and motivation to continue. As I dig my own Path to future, I thank ELANCE for offering such a wonderful platform.


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