A New Beginning of Social Media – Revolution in Arab States

As a child i saw a TV advertisement which showed that it is easy to break a single piece of wood but not multiple woods combined together. That is what is the power of togetherness or We strength. Social Media over the years is smartly developing into a virtual tool that can unite distinct people with a common goal

Social Media till one  year back was more about networking with well wishers. Teenagers used Facebook, Twitter,Youtube to chat , talk with messages. Slowly people started hanging out using social media tool virtually rather than meeting in parks and pubs. Generation using Social Media thought process started thinking differently with different tools available at their hand.

There have been multiple instances of Social Media Use. But one thing that has surprised the world is the power of social media in overthrowing autocratic governments. Quick thinking, spreading of message like fire etc were well used by the revolutionaries to make their point clear.

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3 responses to “A New Beginning of Social Media – Revolution in Arab States

  1. We are in changing times and great exposure for all… My prayer is that it be used for the greater good by all… Enjoyed this post for BAD12.

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