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Appleby-in-Westmorland, Cumbria, in North West England

Appleby in Westmorland is a historic town situated within the loop of beautiful eden valley. Inhabited for more than thousand years, the town was transferred by Scotland to England in 10th Century. The history of the town along with scenery and closeness to the Lake District, the North Pennines, Swaledale and Howgill Fells makes it a much sought after tourist spot.

There are plenty of options for the visitors to enjoy the natural beauty. If planning to stay for more than a day then book your Appleby in Westmorland holiday rentals available at affordable prices for family of different budget. You can also visit the Tourist Information Centre of Appleby in Westmorland that is housed in Moot hall constructed around 1596.

Lady Anne did restoration work in the area, rebuilding estates, castles and churches in area. Her work is evident in the history of Appleby town. St Anne Hospital was built by Lady Anne to help the beggars in need. Post death Lady Anne was buried in St Lawrence’s Church and beautiful tomb built.

The Boroughgate street with some old buildings, is located at the center of the town and links the well-preserved Norman Castle with the fine medieval Church of St. Lawrence. The street is one of the famous places in England. Street’s north end was designed by Sir Robert Smirke in 1811 while the south end has the Castle entrance.

The town is well connected by train and road. The Settle to Carlisle Railway not only stops at Appleby in Westmorland but also passes through beautiful scenery. One of the world famous annual gatherings when Appleby in Westmorland holiday rentals are almost full is the Appleby horse fair. Gypsies from across the county and outside England gather to sell their horses during this three hundred year old fair. To conclude Appleby in Westmorland is a great place with beautiful attractions and activities to refresh.



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