Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

Panoramic Night View

Panoramic Night View

With ios6, iPhone users can take panoramic photos with the built-in Camera app thanks to a new iPhone Panorama mode.

Since it was snowing today, below shots are clicked using my iphone. Perfect for the first Phonograph Challenge

Front Panorama View

Front Panorama View

Snow Back Panorama View

Snow Back Panorama View

33 responses to “Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

  1. Thanks for stopping by Amar. In my opinion the pano feature is awesome, it’s about the only thing I like about the built in camera app, and the only feature in I use. No if only I could keep the phone level better while making a pano ;-)

  2. Very cool…My Samsung Galaxy iii takes panormas but I can’t seem to get them to publish horizontally!! I’m working on it♫♪ Thanks for visiting my blog featuring PIPES♥

  3. very nice! i remain in awe of today’s telephones and what they can do! living in a remote area of latin america, i am always amazed when i see the latest gadgets and what they can do!
    i disconnected from telephones a dozen years ago, so i enjoy seeing images like the ones you shared, all from the magic click of a few buttons!

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