Formative Learning : Situation that brought improvement in me

My formative learning which I can never forget. During my school days I always complained/demanded one or the other thing. I was hardly attentive in tuition’s and bunked it lot of times. My school had reopened and so did my demands. Dad always fulfilled my demands. Dad started dropping me to school and used to be at home when I returned. Earlier dad used to go to office with me and come back late. My dad told me that his office timings have changed and work load is less. One day when I was playing, I overheard my dad asking money from my relative. After some days I saw him circling with pen on a news-paper. I was confused. One evening mom and dad were sitting and I interfered in the middle with my demands. My mom scolded me, saying that dad had no job and he will not give me a single rupee. My dad shouted at my mom and changed the whole topic. I had realized by now that what had happened and why the tense time was going at home

My learning’s which have shaped me today are

  • Value of money
  • Respect for parents
  • How my behavior affected my parents happiness

I am sharing my Do RIght Stories at in association with Tata Capital.


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