Human Rights Violation in Different Countries Needs Your Help

Continuing humanitarian crisis in 16 nations has left more than 51 million people suffering according to a latest UN report. This is not the end. Many shocking fresh humanitarian crises have risen to join and increase the number of suffering people. Iraq remains the site of unrelenting civil divergence. From the grinding civil conflict in Syria to Somalia’s relentless failures of environment and administration, many places in the planet have been spoiled every year by fighting, political unsteadiness, and natural tragedy.

Iraq’s Humanitarian Crisis

The US and NATO assault of Iraq in March 2003 caused many fatalities, but it did not instantly create a key humanitarian crisis or set off crowd relocation. However immense attacks on major Iraq cities, led to significantly augmented death and big disembodiment, disturbing hundreds of thousands of people. Sectarian clashes, which started in 2006, have worsened and inter-communal fighting led to increasing loss and damage, as well as enormous dislocation.

Iraq’s demise rate has risen stridently. Increased bombing together with ground attacks as well as rise in sectarian aggression, many Iraqis are strained to abscond their homes, and many people are now at serious risk. According to UNHCR, more than 1.9 million internally displaced citizens are in the nation and 2 million refugees escaped to neighboring countries, especially Syria and Jordan. According to the UN Development Programme, one-third of the inhabitants now live in poor quality. Schooling has wrecked down. Further, basic needs such as drinking water, foodstuff, hygiene, and power are not met. Hospitals lack fundamental health check provisions and are undermanned. Joblessness and poverty rose harshly, too.

Syrian Humanitarian Crisis

Syria has ended up in worst inconsistency due to its own government. The number of Syrian refugees has increased more than two million where kids are about half of the refugees. The cruel civil conflict continues to unfurl. Many citizens have fled to adjacent countries, making this humanitarian crisis as the major, and worst in recent history of any nation. More than 4 million people are displaced inside Syria, according UN’s Office recent released data on Syrian Humanitarian Affairs.

More than 90,000 citizens have been killed since war began involving followers of President Bashar al-Assad and insurgent fighters in 2011. As of today about 5,000 people dying every month. The crisis is worsening. The only consolation is the kindness revealed by the adjacent nations in welcoming and saving the lives of many Syrian refugees. The need to considerably boost humanitarian support and growth support to host Syrian refugees has reached a significant stage. The UN chief aide said about Syria, bluntly ‘the world is not only watching the destruction of a country but also of its people”

Mali Humanitarian Crisis

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Mali former leader Amadou Toumani Touré, was overthrown in a coup in March 2012. However, the aggression that followed Mr. Touré’s unseating broke the nation along spiritual and racial lines, and ultimately provoked a worldwide involvement led by French military in 2013. Though the warfare slowed, the extent of the humanitarian crisis violence left has been big.

More than 0.4 million people were displace due to violence and many millions fled the country. Sustained sprinkled aggression and unexploded landmines have kept most refugees from returning. Many times the aid supplied by UN’s World Food Programme was suspended since warehouses were looted by rebels and affluent people.Drought of 2012 has put more people at the risk for undernourishment and hunger. Hopes are resting on the new elected president to end instability and help Malians rebuild themselves with the help of international community.

Sudan and South Sudan Humanitarian Crisis

Both countries have split but they have experienced important internal disagreement, which has displaced many citizens and damaged both governments’ grasp. In South Sudan, war between the armed forces and a local armed force has displaced many people in recent months, and count is increasing. Many people are in horrible need of health care.

Meanwhile, in Sudan long simmering clash took a turn for the worse again this year, displacing more than 0.3 million since January. As of now more than 2.3 million are displaced while 1.4 million people are staying in refugee camps which needs major international help.

Somalia Humanitarian Crisis

Somalia has been going through a humanitarian tragedy zone. The number of Somalis living “in crisis” reduced by half in 2012, after the brutal shocks of famine in 2011. However, even as the opinionated and financial conditions in Somalia pitch up, the country remains one of the poorest and most risky places in world. According to UN report life expectation at delivery is 51 years, and almost 1 in 5 children dies by the age of five.

To make matters worse, the country’s government has control over only a piece of its country, with the rest ruled by different militant groups. Many international agencies have suffered heavily due to extreme attacks by this militants groups making the recovery of Somalia and citizens worse.

Central African Republic Humanitarian Crisis

This country leads from the bottom in almost all indicators of development and health. The situation worsened when a rebel organization called Seleka seized control of the government from President Francois Bozize. This not only triggered group migration of refugees. Millions of people are starving, ailing, and impoverished.

According to a UN report about 1.6 million out of total population of 4.6 million need food, security, healthcare, sanitation, and shelter. More people are fleeing the country with increasing sporadic fights. UNICEF estimates that some 3,500 children have been recruited to fight as soldiers for the rebels. Some are expecting this country to be the next Somalia if international community does not become organized to save Central African Republic.

To help:

Most countries have limited flow of support capital and other necessities into the nation. However, a small number of groups are still operating inside these countries to help people while many more agencies are hammering funds into pains to help impacted people. Prominent among the agencies that are helping are the UN High Commissioner on Refugees, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, UN World Food Programme, Oxfam, or Action Against Hunger, World Vision, the Zakat Foundation of America, Catholic Relief Services, Save the Children , Doctors Without Borders , and many more. It is important to contribute to these agencies either monetarily, voluntarily, spreading the word or whatever capacity you can, so that important medical and nutritional aid flows into these affected countries.

9 responses to “Human Rights Violation in Different Countries Needs Your Help

  1. Keep up the good work to create awareness. We don’t realize the futility of war that brings hunger and poverty where young children suffer. Will the US pledge to spend money to lift the people out of poverty?

  2. It’s truly sad. And sadder is the fact that most of the funds raised to help the sufferers ends up in the hands of those who cause the suffering.

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  4. It’s horrible the atrocities that happen in these countries. However, one thing that I am curious about is how much from the organisations go to the people they’re designed to help. I remember a friend volunteering in African for one of the big organisations but most of the food and finances went to the government and not the people they wanted to help. That was the only way the government would let them in to do their work!

    • corruption is one of the biggest headache for solving human rights problem. agencies which rely on govt for security are having hard time to balance their commitment to society. unfortunately . what you said is true but not with all organizations who work outside the govt scope

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