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Krrish 3 – Review of a Bollywood Movie Made with Hollywood Stunts

Theatrical release poster Source:Wikipedia
Theatrical release poster Source:Wikipedia

The movie Krrish 3 under banner Flimkraft Production Pvt ltd has hit bollywood box office and has been one of the best treat in 2013 diwali for hindi movie fans. Producer and director Rakesh Roshan of Flimkraft production should be admired for his talent as a actor or director or producer that he has given in our world of bollywood cinemas. To express in one word, well I can say he is cinematic person.

Krrish 3 movie spreads the message “how the good will can get victory over evil” a perfect message on a day of festival of lights. In addition, this message is enlarged in the movie saying that, when you have a good heart that can bring good will to the world, then you do not need to be super power hero who can fly high in the sky to destroy the evil and win over good.

Source: www.tamilstar.com
Source: www.tamilstar.com

This movie is the sequel of Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish. In first sequel Koi Mil Gaya, Rohit  Mehra(role played by Hrithik roshan) plays a childish personality blessed with super powers by alien named jadoo. Then in second sequel Krrish, Rohit has a son named Krishna who is born with super powers. In this part it is shown that how Krishna alias krrish  uses his super powers to save many lives and also saves his father (Rohit mehra) by Dr Arya (role played by Naseeruddin shah), who had captured Rohit for his priority motives in first sequel(but revealed in only second sequel).

Coming to the latest Krrish 3, the movie starts with happily married couple Krishna  Mehra (role played by Hrithik roshan) and Priya Mehra (role played by Priyanka chopra). Priya is pregnant and the couple is happy for their first baby. They lived with old Rohit mehra . Rohit successfully completes his life saving project through sunlight. The main objective of this project was how sunlight can fill life in dead object whether it is plant or human. Since power of sunlight was of high intensity it was difficult to give limited power to dead object. But using a yet to be invented filter code named ‘brain filter’ the project was supposed to be improved.

In another part of world , there lived a Kaal (role played by Vivek oberoi) who spreads dangerous virus and then loads the market with its antidote. A antidote made by his own DNA. The idea behind delaying of antidote in the market was inorder to increase the price of antidote and make billions money for his own evil research.

Kaal is restricted to his wheel chair and he is search for the bone marrow transplant to cure his disability. In his laboratory, he creates the mutant (half human and half man). You can see many such mutants in the movie like ant man, frog man. Like one there is such mutant created by kaal was the combination of his blood and blood of champeleon, named as kaya (role played by Kangan Ranaut). Kaya was main right hand of Kaal who helps him in his all-evil work.

Kaal is super intelligent handicapped person with no sensation below his neck except two fingers of each hand. He spreads out fatal virus in Nambia killing hundreds of people and soon a similar virus breaks out in Mumbai killing thousands of people. Rohit mehra and his colleagues tries hard to make a antidote for this virus. Kaal purposely delays the antidote in the market and enjoys the pains of people. However, Rohit somehow manages to make antidote and krrish helps his father to deliver this antidote to the people through his blood.

source: www.indoamerican-news.com
source: www.indoamerican-news.com

Kaal kidnaps priya , Kaya starts to live with Krishna, kaal learns that he is son of rohit mehra (brother of krish3) and story moves on with graphics in progress. Will kaal(daemon)  be able to kill Priya’s baby? How the krrish gets his life back? Will kaal(daemon) be able to rule the world ? Get your entire question answered by watching this suspense sequence in a movie theatre nearby.

Some of the reviews of this movie, which i enjoyed reading after watching this movie on Diwali Day are :

  • Superheroes have been around in Hindi cinema for decades, but huge technology jumps have made ‘Krrish 3’ the slickest of them all, special effects-wise. The rest of it is marred by tackiness. When Krrish is doing his derring-do stunts, we watch, even if we’ve seen Superman do this 30 years ago.Hrithik Roshan perfect choice to do this role

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  • The Indian superhero movie is far too wholesome for that. This third film in a sci-fi trilogy following Koi … Mil Gaya (I Found Someone, 2003) and Krrish (2006) is billed as a family film, and its major marketing push has gone out across India and the diaspora to attract Diwali holiday crowds.A masked avenger vanquishes bad guys in Bollywood musical billed as the third in a trilogy.

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  • The superhero movie Krrish 3 is huge in India and making a dent at the U.S. box office. Sure, it’s an amateurish mashup of every other action movie, but it has its charms.It’s about as transcendent as Flubber. Its star looks like Ziggy Stardust auditioning for Kiss. When it’s not blatantly ripping off other superhero movies, it’s full of tired clichés.The new Bollywood action flick Krrish 3 just logged the highest single-day opening in Indian film history, banking about $5 million against a $20 million budget. In the U.S., where it is playing in only 208 theaters, the movie pulled in another $1 million, with a per-screen average on par with the buzzy indie drama Blue Is the Warmest Color.

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  • From the moment we’re first re-introduced to our masked superhero in ‘Krrish 3’, saving a airplane from an imminent crash in a scene reminiscent of Bryan Singer’s ‘Superman Returns’, it becomes clear that filmmaker Rakesh Roshan is challenging us to a game of ‘Name The Original’.The film is ambitious but flawed

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  • Roshan spent three years and Rs 115 crores making Krrish 3. It hopes to score with the legions of Hrithik and Priyanka Chopra fans, and as per the tried-and-trusted Bollywood mantra, the film has action, emotion and inspiration. Add to that the mysterious absence of any high profile releases for the next couple of weeks, and Krrish 3 has all the makings of a Diwali blockbuster.Krrish 3 may be rubbish, but it’s also a sure hit

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One of the famous songs of this move with English Subtitles is Raghupati Raghav

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