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Finally The Most Awaited Dream Comes True

Source: www.clipartguide.com
Source: www.clipartguide.com

Sumi’s most important day of life was today. An opportunity to work in one of the most reputed companies was about to knock on the door.

Past two years had been most challenging on the personal and professional life. Therefore, it was hard to believe that luck was smiling.

Sumi decides to do a spot check and pinches her hands. She screams loud enough to gather the attention of people around her. However, in a mall who cares. People just move on seeing the smiling face of sumi. Sumi had a bright but nervous smile when she realized that she was not dreaming. She finishes her work in the mall and plans to go to office.

Fortunately, the most important day of her life had come on the day of second anniversary of job in her present company, which she just joined for the sake of reputation of working in a company and being self-dependent.

Sumi’s day until now has been filled with mix feelings. On one side was happiness and on the other side was sadness of loss coupled with anxiousness of outcome.

It was her lunch break. As sumi walked towards cafeteria, she just noticed the generator room with sign of skull. The tensed sumi immediately got afraid of skull and started seeing it everywhere. Call it anxiousness or hallucination, Sumi was going through all of it now.


Sumi thought of applying for a sick leave and going to home. But then she just hurried up to the canteen and sat on a chair. Her best friend during such times as been her belief on yoga. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply by inhaling fresh air. As the fresh air movement started happening in her body, her friends noticed her. They ran to her immediately but sumi just hand signaled them that she is fine.

Feeling better, all friends started having food. Sumi tried to deviate her thought process by talking with her two friends about the weekends plan.

All off a sudden, sumi gets a call from unknown number. Seeing the call, goose pimples started appearing on her body. However, when she answered the call, a automated machines started speaking. ‘Credit card company’s new tricks to test my patience’ she yelled and screamed in high pitch “OMG”. Friends looked surprised at sumi reaction but they made sure their friend was not uncomfortable.


And the phone rang again. It was same number. She murmured, “Please god.”

Thinking about her bad day and dream call, sumi was getting more nervous. After finishing her lunch, she decides to walk back to her cabin.

“You can’t get away from yourself by moving from one place to another.”  (The Sun Also Rises)

The poor friends unaware of what is going on tried to console her saying not to worry. For a moment, Sumi thought ‘there is always next time’ but immediately her inner voice said ‘for next time you have been waiting 2 years’. Still sumi had the hope and was waiting for her lucky call.

It was 2p.m and time to go for a meeting. Due to the strict rule of silent phones or switch off during meeting time, sumi had no other option. She decided to keep mobile silent and placed it at her desk.By switching off the phone she did not want to kick an offer from a firm, whose hopes were diminishing. Sumi’s hope made her to keep mobile in silent mode at her desk drawer.

But luckily the meeting got over in 10 minutes. After ten minutes, she hurried back to her desk and went mad on seeing 38 missed calls in 10 mins! She wondered what was going on and started checking all the numbers. The first 37 call were from her home and 38th call was her luck call of the job. Luckily it rang for just 38 seconds. In a hurry, Sumi calls back to that number and gets the confirmation of her dream job.

First 37 call were in response to the news of her weird behavior during lunch time that was flashed to her parents by her friends.

However this time happy sumi screams with high pinch saying “OH GOD THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH” and hugs her two friends who had supported her during lunch time.

source: www.gospelgifs.com
source: www.gospelgifs.com


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  1. Nice take on the prompt Amar. And yes, I get what you meant about your protagonist having the same issue as the one in my post 🙂 Well written indeed. And yes, like the other bloggers, I’m wondering what her dream job was too


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