Why Overlooking Data is important?

Image Credit: [Google/www.kuava.fi ]

Image Credit: [Google/www.kuava.fi ]

No doubt that in this world, where so much information is there, it is very important to overlook information/data that is not relevant to the ultimate goal or objective of the work being done. Here are some of the common reasons why I think it is wise to know the art of overlooking.

First, it is not quite possible to react to each and every information within short of period of time assigned to managers/person to arrive at a decision. Too much energy can be applied on something useful rather than wasting on heap of information, which cannot only lead to others information in the book/paragraph being read. In order to do so or build this art, it is important to check the main keywords in a sentence and conclude as data is being read rather than trying to remembering the whole information.

Secondly, most of the information that is needed to arrive at a decision is stated either in the beginning or in ending of the paragraph. Other information in the paragraph just substantiates the main point to prove that the conclusion of the information is correct. An analyst needs detailed information for presentation but a manager/person needs only a crisp of correct data to make a decision.

Final reason why this skill is important in personal life is because without a clear eye, a person cannot check him/her truthfully. Too much information is like seeing a face with a makeup. However, what is important is to know the real person as he/she really is. This not only gives confidence but it also helps in not getting distracted by unnecessary praise’s done by greedy people.

To conclude, if art of overlooking irrelevant data is not built, it can influence both personal and professional life negatively.

What do you think? Do you overlook any data for your good?