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The Little Horse Shethu

Image Credit : Horse and Girl Sketch by ChrissyMax chrissymax.deviantart.com
Image Credit : Horse and Girl Sketch by ChrissyMax

Raam and his horse ‘Shethu’ were born on the same day. However, Raam was orphaned at an early age and could not complete his schooling. He lost all the family property due to pending loans except a small farm.

Shethu managed to graze in nearby forest and fill his stomach, but Raam had hard time finding any food. Nevertheless, Raam and Shethu were very good friends. Both of them used to spend a lot of time and Shethu used to frequently feel bad for Raam.

One day they noticed a fair had come to the town. Everyone in the town was excited about it and there was a big rush to be part of the festival. The elders wanted to play games, see stage shows and the kids were enjoying diverse rides.

An idea stuck to Raam so that he can make some quick bucks and he signaled Shethu. However, there different tricks to gather attention failed and nobody came to them for rides. Raam was sad.

“Unfortunately I will not be able to earn any money. What will I eat tonight?” wondered Raam.

He did not lose hope and kept waiting for the kids to come to him for rides.

The little horse was watching all this. He loved Raam very much.
“How can I help my master?” he wondered.

Then an idea struck him and he started to make loud noises. All the kids were amazed to hear the sound and came running to the horse.

“What is he saying?” asked one child. Raam ecstatically said, “He is saying, come, ride me and see how cool it is!”

Soon Raam had many kids queuing up to ride the horse. He was very happy and so were the kids.


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