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love them before they think S/He was too late!


If you love your kids, shower love when they are young.
At an age where they need and understand the feelings of parents…


Love your little hearts, while they are living.
Faith sometimes plays a wicked game.
Tomorrow might never come and they might be gone forever.
Leaving S/He to carve a memory collage.
Performing prayers in temple to console parenthood love…


Start today by showering your love for little ones.
A satisfaction that gives little dots the protection of S/he.
If you want to love the little ones, then love them now.
Since a beautiful little heart is waiting…


Why stop the little dots from getting what almighty has gifted them.
Care, nurturing, love, affection and protection from parents.
So if you’re going to love them, love them now before S/He think it is too late!..


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