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Stop Division on the name of Religion

If I ever got a chance to change history I would definitely be in favor of abolishing all the religions to ensure that societies deliberate only on the foundation of facts and shortcomings. Religion is strongly appealing and loud-mouthed individual’s battle over it.

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Human’s battle over small morsels of crushed carbon, water, food, medicines, matches of different games and many more. But, religion has been a main reason for some past skirmishes and recent extremism across the world. Religion has taken on additional implication today because globalization is perplexing and altering the whole thing. For example in former Yugoslavia the different groups such as Serbs, Croats and Bosniacs were separated along Orthodox, Catholic and Muslim liability lines.

Source : http://www.patheos.com
Source : http://www.patheos.com

The holy book of Muslim identifies the human tendency for skirmish and gives permission for defensive warfare. Muslim academics advanced a just-war concept but in the subsequent times jihad was used to advance the regional desires of cruel rulers, just as today it’s misleading to vindicate extremist activities.  Religion has been used to protect the troubled and to harass the helpless at different times from the time humans have inhabited this earth.

Religion, regrettably, delivers a suitable shield and commanding stimulus for the people who wish to achieve their ambition at any cost. Religion has been used in a completely altered way by the supremacy ambitious people, as disparate to the noble and good use. This is an indicative of customized religion usage based upon the human psychology. If religion was not formed at any point in history hopefully this human conflicts could have been avoided.


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  1. I completely agree that there is a problem of “customized religion usage based upon the human psychology.” People use religion as an excuse to enforce, or try to enforce, their prejudices. Faith is a wonderful thing if it gives people hope, but faith and belief in a God (I don’t by the way) is not the same as politicised and divisive religion.


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