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Hardships will not deter me from getting closer to my love

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Love sometimes feels as a selfish part of life

Though all of us search for it during lifespan, we shed tears when we get it

Then it gives us pain during the quest process

Not to say, our world seems to be filled with everything wrong, right goes wrong and wrong rules…

Wondering, why love cannot be a simple and easy feeling?

Why there is no source of strength for love just as environment gets strength from sunshine?

Why love goes through a painful process without building any strength?

I guess these are the love hardships, which we have to overcome…

Love seems to be taking me through a dark road without any light source…

But I still trust that your love will take me slowly to a path in sometime…

Suddenly I felt I will never be able to find you and my heart lost your sight…

I feared as if i was out of time and my mind was empty of everything I knew about you…

I mustered courage and wondered why love cannot be easy?

Though time gets rough, my love gave me the courage not to give up…

I realized I should have holded your hands and said ‘please don’t go’

But god did not give me a chance since these are love hardships, which we have to overcome..

Rain comes , cold freezes and suns gets us the respite completing the natures weather cycle..

Going through dark and cold, I miss you love. Why did you, why did you go?

I do not know what happened to you, but the seasons have changed and I am waiting.

Spring buds are blooming and we will overcome the hardships together at any cost..

Love is such a selfish part of our life but I still see hope of light

It has been such a long time waking without anything in sight.

I see you everywhere, I feel you everywhere and I always felt I never lost you

You live inside me and you are with me the whole time but I feel memory is not enough for me

I need you to be with myself at any cost fighting against all odds.

I am learning to love and forgive using the pain of your departure.

I am loving you before anything/anyone else and my tears are flowing..

There are hardships of love that we will overcome. God are you listening!!!!

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