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S – Sayonara

Sayonara is a japanese word which means goodbye in Japanese. Hence i decided to use this word as the subject in the sendoff email that i sent to the people i worked with. below is the content of email



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Good things never come to an end. It is the same way I feel today as I march towards my future aspirations. As you might be aware, I will be moving out for my further studies at IIM Lucknow from 4th April. But said that , I would also be taking an overflowing baggage of sweet memories that I have built with your wonderful support from last X years.


It is a small world and I hope to meet you again in some part of this world. Thanks for the wonderful support throughout my stay in this project.

We can keep in touch through my web world which I call ‘Outreach’ at  http://www.amarnaik.com (Please access through non project machinesJ ) OR my personal email id : XX@XX.COM


Below are some of the responses that i got for the email. I will cherish this memories forever

  • All the best Amar for your future endeavors..Stay in touch…
  • I will miss you and all your support!  Good luck!
  • The team will miss you..already on certain aspects. Good luck with your new journey!.
  • Wish you all the best for your future endeavors!!! Hope you will have a great learning experience in IIM-L.
  • All the best in all your future endeavors. Definitely hope to meet you somewhere, sometime…
  • Congrats !!!! on cracking the  exams.. I should applaud you for this bold move of going into full time college after X yrs (May be more) of work in XXX. All the very best for all your future endeavors …
  • Best of luck in your future endeavors!
  • Best of luck, it was nice knowing you and working with you!
  • I had a memorable time with you right from my interview for this team. I have learnt a lot and thanks for giving me an opportunity in this team. Will miss you lot . Definitely we will be in touch. And once again Thanks for all your support during my tough times in this project. Wishing you a great success in your upcoming life and in your career.
  • Wishing you a very good luck on your studies!!Wishing you a great career and a nice beautiful life!Stay in touch.
  • All the best Amar, and thank you for all your efforts throughout the years!
  • that is a pleasant surprise. IIM, wow.. All the very best for your future endeavors. It was a pleasure working with you.


Have you ever written a signoff email ? how was your experience?


0 thoughts on “S – Sayonara

  1. SO sweet! I’m so glad I got to read your email and those responses. I don’t know if I have ever sent a “goodbye” email, but I have written “goodbye” notes and letters. It’s always so nice when people respond to them. And Amar, best wishes for your future projects and endeavors!


  2. Nicely composed letter. I think it’s always good to say goodbye with a positive note and let people know they mattered in your working relationship. It’s great to leave solid bridges behind.


  3. First Congrats Amar! IIML is cool 🙂 Best wishes!
    Yes, I have written a Sayonara mail while quitting my job. Got great replies too 🙂


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