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METAMORPHING – An interesting fiction read

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‘Enthralling ‘, “Mind boggling’, ‘Excellent’ are some of the words, I will choose for the book ‘METAMORPHING’ authored by kunal pancholi. The book left me completely stunned right from the beginning as the author has put plots which can never be predicted as you go through the book.

Can you ever imagine a person is back from dead twice or if anyone can systematically eliminate the evil people from the society or how our society will be in 2050? All this has been nicely put in this novel along with the human emotions of love, college life and intelligence of survival.

The story revolves around one central character called Rohan, who during his college days was unsure what he wanted to do. He was a rebel in nature but he had some good friends, who recognized his strengths. One of his friends with whom he shared a good rapport by sharing his heart out, at the end turned out to be his real love. In college most people go through this confusion stage and the author has used this to build up the plot.

But the twist to this story comes when Rohan gets lost in the jungle for five years after a plane crash. He is the sole survivor of the crash and returns back after five years with exceptional powers but with no memory of what happened in these five years. The author has given an action sequence, to show how Rohan realizes than he has super powers. However the only single frame of memory that he had of lost five years was that he was being fed human blood.

After returning home after five years, the life goes on but rohan was nervous about his lust for human blood. The changes in his body had made him nervous and he was not able to share with the world/close-ones on what he had seen in this jungle. He tried various methods to kill his lust but at the same time he learnt more about his powers. However, he gave mocked up stories to others who asked him his survival stories and made a great TV show with his friend.

The author takes us to future and describes it nicely. My involvement during this phase was such that I was recreating the scenes in my brain. Also as the story evolves, rohan becomes a detective , had made some new friends, had made a new girlfriend  and many more achievements to his credit. This book has much more to offer. Some things for which you can search answers

  • –          How he solved the crime scenes
  • –          Interaction with different scientists/doctors who had observed him closely
  • –          The starting plot of where he was found and how he was still alive though he was presumed dead
  • –          Death of people who had escaped law despite committing crime
  • –          Interaction with his parents at different stages of his life
  • –          Love plot between various ladies in his life

Off course the ending that you have thought by now is definitely not the end. I have decided to read this book second time, just to get that feeling of involvement again as it excited me the first time. Do grab this book from local stores to get some good fiction reading.


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