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Book Review: Private India by Ashwin Sanghi and James Patterson

Private India
Private India

Though I have been late in writing the review of this book, this thriller-detective books , ‘Private India’ ,story is still afresh in my minds despite the loads of data that I would have processed post reading this thriller. The book gave me such a deep excitement through its words that I was deeply indulged in it during reading, given the fact that I was skeptical about it when I saw that there were 500 pages in this book.

The plot is based in Mumbai, the commercial center of India. It all originates with seemingly unconnected manslaughters of women happening in the city.  All strangulated in a scary ritual and with strange objects wisely arranged with the bodies. Suddenly many questions start knocking e investigators. This is when the Indian branch of world renowned detective agency named ‘Private India’ comes into picture.

The main hero of the story is Mr. Santosh Wagh who is head of Private India, the Mumbai branch of the world’s finest investigation agency. He and his team are racing against time to stop the assassin striking again and uncover the clues. In a metropolitan of over thirteen million, investigators have work cut out at the finest of times but this case has many engaging Mumbai’s biggest gang lord and a god man who isn’t all that he seems. Mr. Wagh discerns there may be an even greater danger facing Mumbai and even his own organisation “Private India”. Hidden somewhere in the shadows is greater plot planned by mastermind to inflict maximum damage and hurt thousands of innocent Mumbai citizens.

The author immaculately introduces the plots and keeps on making the story exciting and increasing the inquisitiveness level. The fine specifying of proceedings, places & people is what makes the story reading an exciting experience. The story also touches different societal sections of people such as criminal, prostitute, legislator, hindi movie actor and many more.

The fine detailing of varied places & examining techniques in different situation makes reading this homicide mystery more pleasurable. For example laboratory description or the description of The Tower of Silence etc. give the reader’s the power to imagine and visualize each scene clearly.

The occasional mentions of rapes cases in Delhi and Mumbai could have been either avoided or built upon more in the story. However the author has carefully woven the words to capture range of emotions such as rage, vengeance, affection, agony of losing your loved one etc.  These emotions have been carefully depicted in the plot and described to perfection be it.

The teams of superbly talented individuals from private India have a herculious task in front of them to solve successfully the case. In-order to uncover the many questions that probably might have been cluttering your mind by now, you need to read and find out.

The Book “Private India” is definitely a good book and it stood up to my expectation of a crime novel. I would give it a 4/5 as a rating. So grab your book and enjoy reading it



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