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The real free to play game : Lucky 6 by FatCat

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We are part of the many free to play social games and they are the part of our everyday life,where we constantly get boosts from http://proskins.io/. In today’s world when we look around you can find many enthusiastic people busy with his mobile. The aim is to play the game, beat the present level and conquer the next level. The achievement of  next level give a status, which most gamers like me are proud off.  The best way to show off achievement is by just sharing the latest score on social media.

Every company have strategy to making money in own ways, though they offer the “free to play games” in app purchases. But when the time comes to beat the tricky level, the game suggest to buy extra lives just for $1, which seems not a huge amount. But think on it. In a day million of players get involved in playing the games and reports of daily revenue from in app purchases is around $1 million. Do players get anything out of it? Only the companies make their budget. They are the true winners and you are left with game installed in your mobile.

However a new game has been launched which can be called “the real free to play game”. The platform of such games is called “Fat Cat”. Fat cat is the gaming platform that offers Lucky 6. Lucky 6 is the free social game which also offers to play and win a lottery and luxury prizes.

All you do is pick your six favorite brands, hit ok and track the progress of the game. The ranks of the brand constantly changes depending on their share prices. Besides, you can post your ranks to your friend through any social media platform and challenge them with your game.  At the end of every game, the six top ranked brands are announced as the winning combo.

Every time when you introduce a friend who plays lucky 6, this increases your chance of winning the game. So make sure they enter your nickname in the referral row when they sign up.

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The next major subject how you can make this game a crowd funded activity. Every player can share about this game with their friends. Suppose if you introduce the game to your friend and they are now the part of your crowd. When one of your crowd is lucky to make the winning combo and win the jackpot, you will still have a chance to win that is 25 % of the jackpot prize is paid to you.

The main purpose of crowd fund is the smart idea followed by the company to make their business to spread all over the world and more people can enjoy this free to play game.

How to download the FatCat app 

Google do not permit reward based games on Play Store even if they are free to play. If you have not permitted apps to be downloaded from places other than Google Play. Download Fat cat app from your mobile browser from the Download link below.

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Here is the URL to download if above link is not working -> http://fatcatgaming.com/fatcat.apk

Download the apk file from above, install, and sign up with your email. After clicking on the activation link , your account can be activated and your set to play the game.

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Image credit : http://fatcatgaming.com/


Fat Cat app is also available on IOS . Apple lovers can too enjoy the Lucky 6 game.


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