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A business visit that turned into a family gateway at “Vivanta Fisherman’s Cove”

It was an unplanned visit for visa stamping at chennai consulate. But at the same time the atmosphere was heating up since my long time commitment of a holiday had been postponed multiple times. Given that the upcoming business trip would be really long, i was wondering how can i strike a balance between personal and professional life.

At night i was closing my laptop, i noticed photos of friends family posted on social media about thier holidays. As i was happy for them, the urge inside me to take a break increased. The next one hour went on an unproductive task of thinking and googling. As i was about to end my day, a message popped on my mobile about a business meeting at “Vivanta By Taj – Fisherman’s Cove, Chennai

That SMS acted as a trigger and immediately my brain started planning the whole trip. After some quick research, i realized that vivantas location was a perfect spot to blend my business and personal life.

The whole night was then all about planning the trip and finaly i placed the itinerary besides the bed so that she can glance it once she gets up.  It was almost 6 in the morning and i was hoping to get up early to wind up the day and plan the next vacation.  After i woke up, i realised nothing has happened as i expected before sleeping. But i found a note which said “let see if this trip happens”

Landing on a hot sunny evening of Chennai, at least my commitment for the trip had started. Hussle of chennai traditions and the friendly driver made the start of our trip better. On my request, our first stop was the temple at vadapalani and then the saravanna bhavan. Having visited this place and knowing my wifes taste of south indian food/architecture, this was a decision i made once i boarded the taxi.

Post these two visits, she smiled and it gave me the much needed boost that the planning of the trip was giving the results i wanted to. In about an hour we reached the resort. As i glanced at the premise i was happy at the choice. Vibrant surroundings, good hospitality and the cold breeze coming from the beach was the first impressions that we got.

Next three days was spent just in the pemises and moving around the vibrant city of chennai/surroundings.

The touching and serene atmosphere of this place combined with nice dining destinations gave us a good holiday taste. We felt relaxed and rejuvenated as we enjoyed the trimmed landscaping along with breathtaking views of the sea. Memorable was the Dining by the sea of special seafood cooked with authentic flavors.

Apart from the lush natural beauty inside the resort, we also enjoyed the famous UNESCO site Mamallapuram (also known as Mahabalipuram) that has many architectural monuments, sculptures and the largest open-air rock relief in the world.  Not to forget the shopping craziness at T-Nagar along with other famous beaches of Chennai.

As the trip was winding, we realized that our weekend getaway has given us many memories of Chennai’s scenic beauty, culture and tradition. The stay at “Vivanta by Taj – Fisherman’s Cove” has not only lifted our spirits but also brightened our relationships

People Enjoying the beach side air
Waves in action









As i reflect back at this inflection point of myself, i will always remember and cherish the time spent at this location. Apart from memories of good hospitality & location, the time spent at this place has helped me a long way in giving the strength to our relationships. A memorable vacation that strengthened our future bonds.

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