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Conquer peak of Kilimanjaro mountain

Are you one of those people who feel, that you have not yet stood on the tallest place on the earth yet. Then you can be among the 30,000+ people who every year visit Tanzania to touch the peak of Kilimanjaro mountain.

Called as Africa’s highest peak or the world’s tallest free-standing mountain  on earth, this majestic mountain has its own charms apart from the satisfaction of conquering the earth’s tallest peak. Located inside the Kilimanjaro National Park of Tanzania, this mountain is crowned with ice cover in all 365 days a year.

Climbing a mountain is a herculean task if done without the help of expert guidance. More than this herculean task sometimes the anxiety associate with completing a task make even a simple thing look like complex thing. So below are some questions/answers that can help you decide the fate of completing your dream to ascend/descend Kilimanjaro

What is the best age group that can aspire to climb mountain Kilimanjaro :  Well I guess the will power is what matters the most when climbing. According to available data people from age groups of 7 to 85 have climbed the mountain. It is all about the ability to fit physically and strong determinations that will help in acing the top of mountain. Technical skills or special equipment need can be gathered easily by talking to the right people based on your fitness

What training is needed for a freshmen before climbing mountain Kilimanjaro : While climbing mountain Kilimanjaro is definitely not an easy victory, it’s a flawlessly attainable hike for fit travelers with a reasonable degree of physical ability. Some advance training along with practice to hike and hill-walk leading to the weeks before climbing is good workout to build stamina and muscles. With a little preparation of about six to nine months, the dream is easily achievable without much stress

What kind of food can I eat during the expedition to mountain Kilimanjaro: Nutritious food can either be cooked by the team with which you will be hiking or carry some quick eatables fresh food that will energy

What other items do I need during my expedition to mountain Kilimanjaro : Some items which you can either carry or rent it are : sleeping bag and pillow tent, insect protection net. Depending on the root (for instance if you take the Marangu route) you might be lucky to stay in fully furnishes huts on the way




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