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Traveling with baby is stress free with proper planning

Family Pic clicked at Sudha Car Museum

One of the biggest challenges that we have successfully passed despite so much apprehensions from our dear ones has been the recently concluded Hyderabad trip. What makes it more special is that we not only had fun but also our 6 months baby supported and had a nice time with us in all the outings.

Well if you are wondering what we covered in the trip. Then here is our actual covered itinerary

  • Day 1: Nehru Zoological Park, Sudha Car Museum, Bangles Shopping
  • Day 2: Golconda Fort, Chowmahalla Palace, Charminar, Lad Bazaar
  • Day 3: Ramoji Film City
  • Day 4: Salar Jung Museum, Nizam Museum, Birla Mandir, Lumbini Park Laser Show
  • Day 5: Ferry to Buddha statue, NTR gardens, Qutub Shahi Tombs
  • Food: When in Hyderabad how can we miss the great food options available in Nizam’s City. From some of the great delicacies like hyderabadi biryani available in hotel Paradise or Bawarchi to the mouthwatering sweets in Karachi bakery and G Pulla Reddy

One of the first things we did is to make sure that our hotel is centrally located so that if need any assistance it will be easily accessible. During our last tour, we scanned across many hotels online after finding some exclusive deals for hotels in Manali and found many for Hyderabad as well. The hotel that we had got was on the outskirts but not much a worry for us since we were only two of us (this was before we came to know that we will be blessed with a great gift in our life)

Pose With Rambo Statue at Ramoji Film City

All these places we were able to cover because of some of the planning that we did before we started our trip. Here are some of the things that worked for us:

  1. Baby carrier and trolley: Most of the times when the baby traveled with us earlier, we would carry her in our arms. But before we started the tour we made the baby gets used to sitting in baby carrier and trolley. This two vehicles made sure that our baby can take proper reset when she is exploring the places (in some places the trolley cannot go. So we used baby carrier)
  2. As parents we made sure that both of us are well hydrated and at any places are interacting with the baby and playing with her. This way she was not getting bored or afraid of watching crowd. At the same time the comfort feeling of we being around with multiple interactions kept her curiosity level high
  3. We ensured that the baby sleeps during night so that she is in playing mood during day. This was the toughest part during initial training since our baby’s pattern had to be changed slowly. This helped a lot since our baby was enjoying the views and we were able to capture the beautiful memories
  4. We were regular in taking breaks after every 2-3 hours for feeding the baby and also changing her diapers. This ensured that she did not have any discomfort feeling
  5. We never spent continuously more than 1-1.5 hours outside. We were back in the car so that baby does not have too much exposure. Only in the evenings we used to spend more time if baby was energetic. Also we timed our outdoor time. If we started our tour by 10am, we used to be back in the room by 5pm max. We used to take break and then start again at 7pm for any night outings. The climate of Hyderabad also supported us since it was cooler than expected
  6. Always make sure baby is on the back seat. Also if baby car seated is not there, then hold the baby comfortably in arms

Here are some things that we could not plan better during our travel:

  1. We tried to avoid the sunscreen lotion for the baby despite many recommendation on the web about it. It would have been a good thing to carry. We will consult a doctor about it and take a call
  2. We made a decision to take an early morning flight hoping that baby will take rest. But since the baby got disturbed in her sleep she cried a lot due to less sleep when we boarded the flight. With the help of some good co-passengers and our small tricks finally the baby had a good rest. We changed our return flight to evening so that the baby had enough rest at night and during the day. This time the baby was much more calm and she was in a playing mood
Family Pic At Budha Statue

Some of our inspiration for planning this trip has been the memories shared on social media platforms where people clicked at the same spot or style during phases of their life. So post this successful tour we hope to visit the same places sometime in future to refresh the memories when our little angel was sitting in our laps

Do you have any memories where you have traveled with your infants? How it has been? Any learning’s from this trip which you would like to share with others.


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