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Be focused and work hard to makes dreams real for Big Switch

The author has nicely woven the story around Keith. He is an aspiring IT professional who is too sweet to say no to his boss despite many things being done wrongly at office. He is good at his job and it is used against him many a time (Common situation for many of us). But at the same time he has that inner desire to achieve something in life.

Suddenly a twist of fate that bough him to Bangalore. The time spent in Bangalore with new colleague’s changes the whole perspective of how he should approach his life. This twist was the first trigger to the tedious upcoming journey which was never going to be easy.

As i was getting immersed in the book, it struck me that upcoming plot might have many more familiar situations. But to my surprises, there were tales of success and hard-work despite innumerable hurdles .Personally I felt dejected that why am I not focussed like Keith

Do i miss a mentor like Ramesh? Not sure. There are many around me who try to inspire me but none of it has been like the Ramesh. That is the reason i believed it is important to have a friend and a mentor at a workplace at every stage of career. Very few get it and Keith was one of them.

Roommate Brijesh was too nice and helpful. I personally had roommates who i would had probably 50% of the positive attitude that Brijesh had. But i guess with the determination of Keith anybody around him will get inspired and definitely he was lucky to have good friends like Brijesh and Kyra. This friends not only were there with him during good time but also supported through the ups and downs. This motivation made sure that keith despite his own apprehensions was on target or at-least making a honest attempt towards his dream switch.

The big switch planned by Keith from an IT professional to a footballer and finally to a writer has not been easy. Living in the shoes of Keith anyone would have given up in the circumstances but the constant motivation and determined focus made him achieve the unthinkable at an age when others would have never risked their career for it.

Journey to success is never a bed of roses. It has many thorns in the shapes of roses which will try to push you back. Keith had many too. His breakups, his office boss, his age, his accidents and many more. But still things fell in place for him.


The positive change bought about him in working towards his switch of career ensured that Keith became much more mature, focused on what is right and wrong, could make right decisions and was never getting over anxious or worried about flashbacks from the boss. This positive attitude also helped his other colleagues in office who was still in the old Keith style of thinking.

As the read the first few pages of the book, it talked about an atmosphere which i have been part for many years. Seeing the frustration of Keith, i sympathized with him since he was another peer of me going through this daily grind without a vision. But keith story has twists that will delight the reader and give hope to many readers that it is never too late for a big switch


Do grab the book and enjoy reading the journey of Keith





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